I became interested in photography when I was a teenager, so I picked up the nearest camera I could find and began to teach myself on film. I photographed my friends and everything around me until I had my grasp on this new passion called photography. 

This love was translated for a short number of years into modeling around Memphis, Miami and New York. I loved the new perspective of what it takes to get the shot right from the other side. 

By the time I hit my early twenties I was back to being behind the camera and this time I switched to digital. After deciding to stay home with my daughter six years ago, I was freed up to pursue my love! 

For six years I have photographed my way around real estate, product, editorial, corporate, families and weddings. What it's narrowed down to for me is people. I love people! I love getting to know families and individuals and getting to learn your story and what drives you! 

With each session, I thrive on capturing your family in your environment and what life really is to you! 

I'd love to meet you and learn your story! Contact me to set up a consultation! Thank you! 

I am based in Chattanooga, TN and service the surrounding areas. I moved here in 2013 and am beyond thrilled to meet it's residents and fans as well as to discover all of Chattanooga's hidden jewels (locations!).