Jerry & Tanea Fourth Anniversary - Couples Session - Memphis, TN

Jerry & Tanea are back!! Normally Jerry, Tanea and I meet up in August for their annual anniversary photo session. The problem this year? I moved back to Memphis! So what did my favorite couple do? They planned their anniversary in Memphis, you guys. LOVE. THEM.

Being the proper Memphian I am, I made sure we exposed them to the good stuff: Payne’s BBQ, Sunrise Breakfast, Bayou Bar & Grill, and of course, Crosstown Concourse!

I can’t tell you how thankful I am that this couple trust me because they openly accepted my suggestion to shoot at Crosstown. I explained it as this amazing “space for everyone” that was full of architecture, art and amazing lighting. They loved hearing about the Church Health Center and its missions as well as discovering the graffiti and art located inside and outside of the space. As you can tell from this session, we found PLENTY of spots to show off the adorableness that is this couple!

Next year, I hope to head back to Chattanooga for the fifth anniversary! Jerry, I’ll bring you some zydeco wings!