Matt + Heather's Engagement - Pedestrian Bridge - Chattanooga, TN Photographer

After I heard from Matt that he was proposing to his girlfriend, Heather in downtown Chattanooga, I told him I HAD TO photograph it!! He really had no choice and luckily he didn't mind, so here's what unfolded! 

Matt recreated their first date, starting at Community Pie for some delicious grub then headed over to the Walnut Street bridge (aka the Pedestrian bridge) for a nice sunset walk, just like he'd done two years prior. There was one glitch, the pigeons of our beautiful downtown bridge had other plans for Heather's forehead, which after he cleaned off his fiance-to-be, brought Matt to his proposal sooner than later....the birds couldn't be the "highlight" of the evening, now could they?! But you'll see below, the birds quickly fell out of the spotlight when Matt turned Heather around towards the sunset and got down on one knee in front of all and shocked Heather with a GORGEOUS sapphire stone ring surrounded by diamonds and a beautiful proposal of marriage. The shock lingered for a while and I performed my, what Heather is now calling "sniper photography", until the couple walked into the sunset. Catchy, right? 

I quickly ran home, downloaded their photos, sifted through and made them their client gallery for yet another surprise once they arrived home. As I had hoped, Heather never saw me on the bridge, so the photos capturing it all were just the icing on the cake. Congrats, you two love birds!! 

Matt + Heather-27.jpg