Jody + Tyra's Wedding - Germantown, TN

Being a part of Jody and Tyra's day was truly an honor! The overall feeling of the day was that it was a family affair and they treated me just the same way! The couple being from Florida, the first time I met them was the day of the wedding and I was greeted with open arms and love like they'd known me forever! Talk about a great start to the day! Everyone that was a part of the day was so close, you couldn't tell where one family ended and the next one started! 

Cool points: The family was introduced to the reception by dancing their way out of the underground wine tunnel into the backyard. That's right. There was an underground tunnel that led to a wine cellar. Yes, please. The speeches pulled me out of work mode and had me tearing up with everyone else! All I can say is, I hope my family is as close as Jody and Tyra's when we're all "grown up"! Best to you, Jody and Tyra! Enjoy!