On Point Annual Fundraising Dinner w/ guest Bob Goff - Chattanooga Convention Center - Chattanooga, TN

On the heels of all of Chattanooga's snow days this February, On Point threw their annual fundraising dinner for the non profit group. This years speaker was author, lawyer, truth-teller and dare I say "personality" Bob Goff! Paired with his contagious enthusiasm and love for people, this event ,which was really all about the kids, was a great success! And when I say "all about the kids", I mean it! On Point did a great job giving their Chattanooga area students the reigns on the event and it was obvious everywhere you looked. From the students presenting and hosting the majority of the event down to the posters that graced each persons place setting, it was designed by the students! (See the posters below!!)

Bob Goff was a terrific role model and met with the students before-hand to hear their stories and encourage them on their path of being "secretly incredible". The group swapped stories, laughter and prayer before the whole event got kicked off; I am so honored to have been there to witness it all! 

The event was interactive; allowing each attendee to list on several different chalkboards their tips on being "secretly incredible". On Point's students also got interactive when they made their way around the ballroom asking attendees about how they feel a single person can impact their community. I could go on and on, but if you'd like to know more, check out On Point's website to see all the great work they do as well as upcoming events. Thanks for having me, On Point! 


Congrats to the scholarship winners!!!