kBird...my heart

In a totally unsuspecting neighborhood that holds zero indication of Thai cuisine, you'll find kBird. There are no signs, no parking lots, no neighboring businesses, just an open sign on the door and friendly faces upon entering. 

This place embodies everything we love - a hole in the wall location, cozy undone appearance and family cooking unlike most others. They threw some tables inside, have patched up some walls, ceilings and floors and said dangit I'm making some Thai food. 

The daily menu is written on a white board, water is self serve in mason jars (my personal fave) and there is a dude just behind the register occupying the mortar and pestle station. He does not need "arm day" at the gym, ladies and gentleman. The head cook, a totally unsuspecting and normal guy, stands cooking just within earshot of the register and makes recommendations and explains menu items as he feels the need. 

If you like Thai food in the slightest, please please make the trip. It is located in Little Rock, AR and can be easily made into a fun little weekend day trip. Need a chauffeure? I'll take you, just promise to buy my lunch! 

Cooking with a Tao

A what? Yep, a Tao. This here mechanism is the closest store bought way to cooking as native Thai do. It simulates cooking over an open fire and it can be used to cook directly over a grate or with a wok. 

Because my man is in search of cooking the best Thai he possible can, I get him a Tao for his birthday.  Below is our trial run on a dark night in March. 

Pictured: Pok Pok by Andy Ricker. Highly recommend and can be purchased here