Hi! My name is Stefanie...and here's a snapshot into my world! 




I'm a native Memphian (grit & grind, anyone?) who grew up half in the city and half in the burbs. Though I didn't know it at the time, the love of my life and I shared the same high school, Collierville High to be exact (I still love the color maroon). Post childhood, I have lived all over Shelby County while acquiring children and pets along the way. My thirties found me living in Chattanooga, TN, one of my most treasured of places in the South. Though I love my native city, the Chattanooga mountains, creeks, waterfalls and trails will always have my heart! 2017 brought us back to our hometown of Memphis and we're discovering more of our journey day by day, documenting when I can! 


So, why real estate? Good question! My first job job was managing a real estate firm in Collierville and I instantly realized a passion I had no idea was hiding! Homes. I love everything about a home. The meaningfulness behind the architects design, the style and how the family made the home function. Every time our agency signed a new listing, I couldn't stand it, I was so excited.

This passion remains today and I very luckily found myself some work where I get to enter into families homes and hear their stories and see where life is taking them. If your home was built in the mid century, I just might offer to buy it myself. I am completely encompassed by mid century modern styling. You could possibly blame it on my great grandparents, who were some of my favorite humans. 

FOOD?! Yeah, I'm the gal with food on her website. But with a bit of research you'll find I'm not the only Rawlinson who cares a good deal about food. Take my husband and his brother, for example. For no other reason than to get together, cook and listen to sweet sweet jams, those two are documenting their cooking journey on dinnerhighfive.com and I warn you, these accidentally comedic video are highly addictive. For me, though, I started cooking at an early age and was always amazed that you could take a few kitchen ingredients and make something so unique and delicious. When traveling, we always seek out the different - maybe even the outcast dining location to see what that family is cooking up. Check out some of our family cooking as well as our delicious travels below: